Sunday, September 22, 2013

Naked Reality TV Is Here

Let's just say all the long stemmed anchors on Naked News are cheeky devils and be done with it.
In fact I was unaware that Naked News was still functioning.
Fourteen years ago it was a true novelty --a Toronto based news feed where all the female hosts wound up starkers.
I thought the show had atrophied years ago because these days nudity on TV is no longer a novelty.
Daytime soap stars have stripped and there are fleshy glimpses on many network evening dramas as well.
And my feeling Naked News had its day is well shared by the long time employees.
They've banded together to make a subversive reality series about their plight --it's an eight parter titled Naked News Uncovered which debuts Monday September 23 on Super Channel.
What has emerges is a surprisingly funny take on the perils of nude anchoring.
The denizens of this world including the producers, the crew and the adorable talents all act firmly tongue in cheek. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that.'
They work in standard offices that might otherwise pass for insurance brokers or accountancy firms.
They're not consciously trying to be funny but it's their dead seriousness as they pursue their craft that is frequently hilarious.
Heading the operation is the owner "Peter" who we never see on camera at least in the two preview segments I watched.
We only hear him on the office speaker bellowing such Goldwynisms as "This isn't going to be a cake walk in the park."
But the undoubted star is legendary chief anchor Victoria Sinclair who still doffs her atire with professional aplomb.
You'd think along with the requisite TV studio there'd be an exercise room.
Because one ounce of unwanted fat and the starring careers of these lovely ladies would be over.
I mean would you ever want to see Barbara Walters or Bill Reilly in the altogether. Ugh! Right!
As on employee blurts out:"We're like a family ...the family you don't want."
But why just nude news?
What about a cooking show? Or maybe the cooking oil might splatter?
Or a pets' show? Or would pet allergies cause the nude hosts to sneeze?
The first episode is all about cast and members trying to come up with some variants like a noon time effort to be called Naked Lunch.
One of the male employees says he really has becomes blind to all that nakedness. Yeah sure pal.
Another loves it when a co-host passes by his cubicle and flashes her boobies his way. He says it makes his day.
In fact the shenanigans here are practically of the PG variety.
Two of the anchors dwink a bit too much wine and then one of them can't say the word "eviscerate" on camera.
Heck, I can't say it right now and I'm stone sober.
Episode Two titled "Who Screwed Halloween" looks at an inappropriate outfit worn by one gal but as she says she gets made up before she knows what she's going to say that day.
Sinclair has said she went to U of T and was in marketing when her career changer happened. At 47 she's lovely and could have a TV career even if she kept her clothes on.
Anyhow Naked News Uncovered is welcome relief in a sea of badly made reality epics.
Right now I'm suffering from a bad head cold so I'd like to ask how the girls manage to stay free of drafts as they report on the serious events of our time.

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