Monday, November 18, 2013

Ford Nation: Sitcom Or Farce?

Perhaps this is what Mayor Rob Ford has wanted all along.
I mean his own TV Show.
Granted the only venue open was on little watched SUN TV which is way. way up my cable dial --Channel 163 to be exact.
But there Monday night at 8 was new TV star chubby Rob interfacing with his far more belligerent brother Doug.
Hence the title of their mew weekly TV outing Ford Nation --don't forget they just got bumped off  Newstalk 1010.
And it occurred to me that this is what Ford Nation has been all along --a sitcom.
But I heard no canned laughter.
The lines were very familiar to one who has watched this unfolding farce.
The Fords looked a bit intimidated under those hot klieg lights but Hizzoner sweats a lot anyway.
The big moment came when people on the street asked timid questions.
There was a fair amount of "actuality" involving all the key moments so far.
And various SUN TV anchor had their say --they continually gripped about how conservatives are he;d to a higher standard than liberals which I'm convinced is not exactly true.
The hourlong shows will  be taped Sundays and run Mondays at 8 p.m. At least the Fords get choice  prime time.
I'm sure SUN TV's ratings shot up 1,000 per cent with this coup.
How can the Ford circus eep us watching week after week unless there are  continuing major revelations?
By the way Hizzoner looked natty in a blue suit and studio makeup made him seem less sweaty than usual.
Biggest coup came with the stats saying Ford is currently getting a 44 percent approval rating.
That's higher than Harper, higher than Obama and triple what the U.S. Congress gets.
But if Ford for all his gaucheries gets his own series why not old CTV pros Pam Wallin and Mike Duffy.
I mean those two really know how to stage themselves for the cameras.
Oh, I forget, they're liberals and thus not deemed suitable candidates for a SUN TV gig.
Look, I have to watch Ford Nation. It's part of my job.
But what about ordinary viewers?
How soon will they tire and switch back to a real sitcom?

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